From Beginners to Big-Air Beasts: the Code

With intuitive steering and smooth power delivery, the Code has quickly become the Slingshot team favorite for all disciplines of kiteboarding. This week we are showcasing on-the-spot videos from some of our top riders on why they have been loving the Code and why you will, too.


First up we have Robby Stewart. Robby has been deaf since birth but that never stopped him from becoming one of the best kiteboarders in North America. Robby is a foil wizard, surfboard ripper, and big-air booster. Since he got his hands on the Code last year, he doesn’t go anywhere without it!

Team Rider Robby Stewart

“The Code is really fun. It’s strong for jumps yet you come down like a helicopter, making soft landings. The Code is my favorite kite because of its fast loops, soft landings, and fast recovery. No hard landings so I never break my knees. The Code is my favorite kite.” Robby Stewart


Next, we have a longtime rider and Slingshot family member Reed Brady. Reed grew up on the Oregon Coast on Flores Lake where he helps his family manage a kiteboarding school. Reed has been teaching kiting since before he could grow that mean beard and has ridden and taught on almost every kite we have ever made. When he says the Code is his favorite kite for lessons and personal riding you can believe this statement comes from years of experience.

Team Rider Reed Brady

“The Code is very easy to steer and the thing relaunches really great. They also have a great wind range, which is good for students so they don’t get overpowered as easily. Also, this thing is pretty great for after the lesson, being able to go out and shred.” – Reed Brady


Slingshot athlete and employee, Fred Hope, is most known by his ballerina-like finesse and style on the foil. A longtime Hood River and Baja local, Fred has also been seen strapping on the twin tip or jumping on the surfboard and taking to the sky or smacking some waves when he gets the chance, and when he does—you guessed it—he grabs the Code.

Team Rider Fred Hope

“I love this kite because its responsive has light bar pressure and a lot of hang time. So when I jump off a swell here I go far, I go high, and I have control and that’s exactly what I like out of a kite.” – Fred Hope


Three-time kiteboarding world champion, two-time Triple S champion and two-time Kite Park League Champion, Karolina Winkowska has a plethora of world titles and countless hours of water time. This year has been a bit different for her as she is a new mother and didn’t get to travel the world to the windiest locations. That meant she needed to appreciate any conditions she could get when she could get it. To maximize her time and fun on the water, she chooses the Code as her go-to kite.

Team Rider Karolina Winkowska

“I have been riding the Code on the lighter days, and I am just enjoying the power that it has because when I go in the air I have enough time to do double rotations, double grabs, and just keep on having a good time.” – Karolina Winkowska


One of the next generation big-air riders, Kimo Verkerk has cemented his spot on the Slingshot team with his dedication and enthusiasm. Hailing from the Netherlands, Kimo grew up living close to the beach and spending every windy day on the water no matter the conditions or the temperature. Kimo demands equipment that can not only keep up with him but help him progress and stomp those mindboggling big-air tricks that most of us have even a hard time trying to name.

Kimo Verkerk Team Rider
Team Rider Kimo Verkerk

“I really like riding this kite because it makes the progression of my technical big-air tricks so much easier. Because this kite is so intuitive, I can just focus on my technical tricks and don’t have to worry about the kite because I always know where it is and trust it will catch me.”Kimo Verkerk

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